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3 years ago
This dude got a death wish
3 years ago
You have a lot of vids fucking dopeheads with no protection. You must already have that BUG....
real sht 3 years ago
picked up a hoe like this 1 time, she fell asleep I kept fuckin, she came on my dick all shaking and shit passed out of coures I came in her with a condom on, realized she still asleep put on new comdom fucked her ass did the sams thing then emptied the two condoms in her mouth and pussy she woke up and loved it
ashamed 2 years ago
i caught an std watching this
nomejoda 3 years ago
clearly a crack whore. but shit he luckier than me I cant even get one of those now if I pay to fuck her ass and she says no we having problems. shit if get the sex like I want it even from a crazy crackwhore she can have all the mcdonalds she wants. lol we keep in touch and I get some ass pussy and head once twice a month depending on her rates. damn this time in history sucks ass when even finding a good crazy crack whore is hard. the end near. lol
Spurts 3 years ago
I want a cheeseburger
3 years ago
This chick looks hungry. Look like one of them WW2 concentration camp victims
Damn 3 years ago
Malcoms mom took a turn for the worst
Notafool 3 years ago
Nigga you nasty af no condom shit look like some abc gum
Laughing coffin 2 years ago
Not my proudest fap....I think I’m sick of pron now